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Mobile Medical Cart Computer

AIO computer, cable-less, wireless and perfect for medical carts

Medical Tablet PC

Designed for Emergency Medical Services.
Ideal for extreme environments

UPS, Batteries and Chargers

Powering medical grade devices 24/7

Micromax Health is committed to and embraces innovation. We introduce IT products to the medical industry and partner with innovative global medical grade manufacturers. We do not compromise on quality.

We believe in longevity of medical IT products and provision of support. Our product range is extensive and includes a full suite of medical grade computing devices for a variety of end uses including fixed stations, mobile and cable-less computers; handheld and rugged computing solutions.

And our Support, Repairs and Warranty Center is Australian-based.

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The Onyx MATE and ACCEL series with lightning fast i7 processors

If you are looking for Medical Grade PC’s that use the latest Intel i7 chipsets to provide the fastest processing speeds, look no further than the Onyx MATE-2205/2405 and ACCEL-VM500 provided by Micromax Health. This series of devices use medical […]

Onyx Healthcare Launches New Product Line – Digital Diagnostic Scope

Micromax Health is pleased to share Onyx Healthcare has expanded it’s offering of digital medical solutions with the introduction of the Onyx Digital Diagnostic Scope—an ultra-high resolution multipurpose solution that is ideal for use with telemedicine or standalone applications, making […]

Committed to providing medical grade IT devices and solutions for improved health care and to save lives