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UPower Pro-22 offers variable voltage outputMicromax Health supplies the medical industry with a unique solution to supply power to medical IT computers, devices and equipment. The innovative design behind the Onyx range of power solutions gives you the capability of providing continual power to your equipment.  The dual hot swappable battery architecture ensures your medical device remains powered even while you are replacing a battery.

As a unique feature, the UPower Pro-22 includes a voltage selection DC-output that allows healthcare professionals to select the desired voltage setting. Users can select from 12, 19, or 24 volts based on their additional power requirements.

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Whether you need medical grade computers, medical grade UPS, patient monitors or medical carts, we have the solution for you.

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Comparison of Medical Cart Computers and Batteries

How do I best care for my Onyx Batteries?

Reactivate Dormant Onyx Battery – Quick Start Guide


Constant power, dual hot swappable batteries architecture
Capable of charging two or six batteries simultaneously
Manufactured from medical-grade materials
High-speed recharge and over charge protection
External DC output (2-slot only)
Selected voltage (12V / 19V / 24V) (2-slot only)
USB connector to power smaller handheld devices
Software (ORION) to allow you to remotely monitor the battery
Independent LED indicators, clearly reveal charge status
10 years end-of-life and 12 months warranty on batteries

Dual swappable batteriesXL Battery for extended lifespan

Our power supply range gives you the capability of providing endless power with its unique swappable battery architecture. Batteries can be replaced without needing to turn off your medical computer or equipment. You will never again be in danger of losing power to your medical PC or other important devices when it is most critically needed.

Cable-less work area

Rather than needing your medical computer cart to stay connected to a power outlet, our power solutions create a cable-less work area.  This not only reduces trip hazards, but also gives healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, the ability to move freely without being tethered to wall power.

Medical user selected voltage

UPower supplies multiple power output connectorsSince electronic devices operate with varying voltage requirements, the multi-voltage power allows doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to personally select the proper voltage setting. Users can select from 12, 19, or 24 volts based on their needs or medical computer requirements.

Battery software management

These “smart” medical grade power banks can be managed with the ORION device management software.  The unique solution from Onyx Healthcare intelligently monitors the status of all the batteries connected to the system.

Application within Hospital Intensive Care Units (ICU)
– Vital Signs Equipment

As hospital ICU’s provide intensive care for patients suffering from severe injuries and life-threatening illness, patients must be monitored constantly. This requires that vital signs equipment and other specialised medical computers to be powered continually to make sure they remain in stable condition. With the range of Onyx power solutions from Micromax Health, battery powered medical devices will never again be in danger of losing power when it is most critically needed.

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Visit our FAQ page for answers to these commonly asked questions about our Onyx batteries:

  • How do I best care for my Onyx batteries?
  • How do I change the hot swappable batteries on the Venus mobile medical cart or other devices?
  • What does ‘hot-swappable batteries’ mean?

2-slot charger with 120W DC output (UPower Pro-22)


2-slot charger with 120W DC output
Compatible with short battery and long battery (XL)
120W power output, mini-din 4pin x1
10W USB port x1 (power output only)
Selected voltage (12V / 19V / 24V)
Non-stop, swappable batteries architecture
Battery information software monitor (ORION)
Capable of charging two batteries simultaneously
Support for wall and cart mounting
LED indicator, clearly displays charge status

Other Models

OPM P02T (XL Battery Kit)


Compatible with all Venus-series and all UPower series
150% battery capacity (8550mAh) compared to standard Upower series
120W output, fit almost 99% AIO/NB
Battery information software monitor (ORION)
Battery capacity indicator button
Medical grade certified (with Venus)


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