Pressure-Sensitive Detection Mat

Caring for patients/residents with dementia, disorientation or other high risk ailments means extra effort for the nursing staff. Often, a 24-hour monitored solution is what is required to provide optimal medical care and attention to these patients.

The CareMat® provided by Micromax Health is a pressure-sensitive detection mat, which is connected to the in-house nurse call system. As soon as a person steps onto the mat, for example when getting off a chair/bed or even leaving a room, a signal is triggered via the nurse call system. This allows the medical staff to promptly come to the patients’ aid.

The CareMat® is a simple solution that provides ideal support to the healthcare industry by considerably reducing the risk of falls and the dangers from patients with disorientation.

Whether you need medical grade computers, medical grade UPS, patient monitors or medical carts, we have the solution for you.


Reliable and instant alarm sensor
Made from robust, non-slip materials
Medical-grade surfaces, allowing the unit to be properly cleaned and sanitised
Carrying handles for easy handling
Wired and wireless versions available
Range of sizes and configuration
Robust and durable construction

CareMat AAdvantages for nursing staff

  • Prevention of patient falls due to prompt alerts and assistance
  • Reduces nightly rounds as you can rely on the alarm system
  • Lowers subsequent healthcare cost due to a fall or injury

Advantages for patients/residents

  • Feeling of safety
  • Total freedom of movement without being personally attached to anything

Quick and easy installationCareMat C

  • Simply plugs into existing nurse-call systems
  • Can be used in conjunction with the patient call button



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CareMat A (1100 x 700mm)

CareMat B (700 x 400mm)

CareMat C (1100 x 700mm)

CareMat M (283 x 202mm, sample)

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Other Models


Hospitals, clinics, and psychiatric wards
Aged care, retirement and nursing homes
Assisted-living facilities
Patients with Alzheimer’s
Dementia and disorientation
Patients with high risk of falls
Physical and cognitive disabilities
Chronic disease management


Mental Health Institutions
Palliative Care
Home Health Care Providers
Super Clinics
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