Healthcare Infotainment

Accessing entertainment media; viewing personal medical records; browsing the internet; calling a nurse for assistance; making a phone to a loved one – all without the patient leaving their bed – this is possible with the Healthcare Infotainment solutions from Micromax Health.

Healthcare infotainment solution Onyx-BE182

Onyx BE182

Our range of Onyx healthcare infotainment computers reduce the workload of nurses while maximising the patient’s hospital experience during their stays. The Onyx Infotainment series come in 11.6″/15.6″/18.5″ touch panel LCDs and are low power, high performance and all-in-one computer terminals. Our infotainment devices feature high brightness and wide-viewing angle screen and has an anti-microbial design. Our infotainment products are perfectly suited for hospitals, aged care and the medical industry as a whole. From the high performance Intel processor to power saving ARM CPUs, Onyx Infotainment series allows customers to select from a wide variety of bedside solutions that best fits their needs.

Whether you need medical grade computers, medical grade UPS, patient monitors or medical carts, we have the solution for you.


HD video quality with HDMI input
10.1”, 15.6", or 18.5” Multi Touch LCD display
USB interface to host computer
Lightweight, ranging from 1.5 to 3.2kg
Medical grade component construction
Wired remote control w/ handset Function
Integrated Smart Card reader, MSR/RFID, Barcode scanner
VOIP Phone, Web Camera, High quality speakers, Reading Light
Water and dust proof
EN/UL 60601-1 compliant

Peripheral support features that extend your efficiency

Healthcare infotainment solution with low profileIncreasing the efficiency of your healthcare facility is conveniently managed with the addition of intelligent peripheral devices, like smart card and magnetic swipe card readers, high resolution webcams and 10-point multi-touch displays.

Ergonomic and cost-effective design

Healthcare infotainment solutions feature ergonomic designThe Onyx Bedside Infotainment Series offers solutions that are both lightweight and compact in size, making them easy to carry, install and manage for medical staff. Units with an 18.5” display weigh only 3.5kg, while units with an 11.6” display weighs just 1.5kg. The competitively priced Bedside Infotainment Series makes it an ideal solution to fit a multitude of medical IT applications, while at the same time saving on your medical IT budget.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The advantages of using PoE include providing a single cable for both data and power that eliminates the need for extra power cables. It also allows for ease of installation as there is no need to coordinate data and power sources which can leave extra lengths of exposed cabling. Our products also cater for the option of using existing infrastructure, minimising interruptions to facilities and patients.

Multifunctional remote control

Controlling the infotainment system has been made as simple and convenient as possible with the multifunctional remote control. The controller includes a VOIP phone as well as all buttons necessary to control the unit. An optional 2D barcode scanner is also available.

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18.5" Fanless Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal (ONYX-BBE182)


Intel® J1900 2.42GHz Quad Core Processor
18.5” Wide colour TFT LCD touch terminal
PCT for supporting multi-touch
Wired remote control with handset function
VOIP phone, webcam, high quality speaker, MSR, Smart Card Reader
Reading light
Extension feature: RFID and Barcode Scanner
IP65 Waterproof at front of terminal
EN 60601-1, UL 60601-compliant


Other Models

ONYX-BE381 – 18.5" Bedside Infotainment Touch Monitor


ONYX-1531 – 15.6" Fanless Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal


ONYX-1222 – 11.6" Fanless Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal


MEDPC-2100 – Fanless J1900 Quad Core Infotainment Box PC


MEDPC-1600 – Fanless J1900 Quad Core Infotainment Box PC




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