Powerful Professional Medical AIO – Zeus Series

Micromax Health’s range of Powerful Professional Medical AIO’s were designed to fulfil the high specification requirements of surgery and can be used in the operating/surgery room, intensive care unit, emergency room (ER) and clinical reading rooms within hospitals and private surgeries.

The isolated ports on the medical grade computer have been designed with patient needs in mind, allowing for the ability to control medical devices that are directly connected to the patient.

The Zeus series by Onyx has been developed to give doctors and surgeons crystal clear imaging when viewing picture archiving and communication systems (PAC), ENDO or electronic medical records (EMR). It has a multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen (PCT screen) and guarantees 10 billion click life and up to 95% transparency rate. The Onyx Zeus range enhances screen performance by over 15%.

In addition to the all-in-one medical station being used in surgical suites, the high performance Zeus medical IT computer will also be beneficial to ambulatory and community based care and clinics, outpatient care, telemedicine and healthcare administration services.


24"/22"/19" medical grade multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) display panel
Multi-touch PCT screen, even while wearing three layers of medical gloves
Flat and edgeless ID design give doctors the best-in-market user interaction experience
White bezel allowing for ease of cleaning
Trusted Platform Module, smart card reader
Patented smart multifunction OSD keys covering up to 10 features for RFID
Reading light, display mode, speaker volume
Fanless design
Manufactured from medical grade materials
Dustproof and waterproof design (IP65 rating)

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Cutting edge Skylake processors & DDR4 technology

The Onyx Zeus series feature ultra-high performance Intel® Core i7 LV Dual Core CPUs. The DDR4-2133 technology supports up to 32GB of memory to maximise system operation speed.

High speed USB 3.1, SATA and PCI-e connectivity

Featuring the latest in high-speed I/O technology, such as dual PCI-e slots, SATA 3.0 connector, and dual USB 3.1 ports. The advanced technology of Generation 2 SuperSpeed USB 3.1 enables transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Infection control

A completely enclosed casing and fanless design eliminate the need for ventilation holes on your medical computer. This also makes the Onyx Zeus 100% waterproof. The flat front and back panel design reduces dust accumulation on the medical computer and allows for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

DICOM compliant display

Patient monitor and smart view medical computer

ZEUS-228 Medical Computer

The Zeus range is DICOM compliant, enabling accurate display of radiology PACS images such as ultrasound, endoscope, CT and MRI images. Users can switch the system from HIS, EMR to PACS or Endo with ease.

MIS with remote control power

Onyx’s cooperation with Intel allows Zeus to carry Intel Active Management Technology (iAMT). The MIS manager can control hundreds, even thousands of Zeus medical computer stations from a control centre, in real time. This allows Hospital IT departments to save large amounts of time and money on routine maintenance.

Triple isolation protection to patient

The Zeus electrical isolation rating is 4kV rms (IEC 60601-1), which is crucial to protect patients, operators and other medical equipment from harmful surges or spikes in electrical signal. Zeus offers isolation on the COM port, USB port and Ethernet port.

Backup battery for uninterrupted power

Optional built-in battery provides backup power supply for at least 10 minutes to prevent the system from unexpected power disruption.

Full SDK for enhanced function development

ONYX offers “Access Manager”, “Power Monitor”, “Control Kit”, “Security Watcher” to enable system integrators to quickly and efficiently create enhanced and customised processes.

High Security Data and System Access Management

Trusted Platform Module (TPM), smart card reader and RFID reader providing data security and control system access.

Compatible with Orion – Hospital Management Software

The Onyx Zeus all-in-one is able to use the intuitive and user-friendly Orion software that offers unlimited control and ease of use for IT managers in healthcare environments. The greatest benefit of ORION is its usefulness in managing large numbers of devices from a centralised location. The Zeus is also able to have any other hospital management software installed that is compatible with Windows.

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22” Fanless AIO (ZEUS-228)


Intel® 6th Generation Core™ i7-6600U 3.4GHz Dual Core processor
22" 250nits Full HD high contrast MVA LCD display
Support DDR4 SODIMM up to 32GB
Capacitive multi-touch screen (5 wire resistive touch technology)
Easy Cleaning Flat Screen
10 Programmable Smart Function Keys with Dual Colours LED Status Indication
Medical electrical isolation on LAN, USB and COM ports
SuperSpeed 10Gbps USB 3.1 Port
PCI Express [x4] x 1, PCI Express [x1], PCI x1 (optional)
Trusted Platform Module
Smart Card Reader
RFID Reader
Remote management via iAMT (Intel Active Management Technology)
+12V to +24V wide range DC Input
Optional 22Wh backup battery


Other Models

24” Fanless AIO (ZEUS-248)


19” Fanless AIO (ZEUS-198)



Emergency Room/Department
Emergency Response
Operating Room/Surgery Theatre
Doctors Practice/Physician Clinic
Organ Transplantation
Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (Recovery)
Ambulance Attendant
Patient Transport
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Day surgery suite


Private Surgeries
Mental Health Institutions
Super Clinics
Palliative Care
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