Aged Care

Micromax Health is committed to providing devices to support improved healthcare services.  For those in the aged care industry, providing the best patient care possible in the most cost effective and efficient way is a priority.

We understand that caring for aging patients, those with chronic illness or dementia presents unique challenges.  Dedicated time and specialised care are needed to ensure the needs of the patients are met. Challenges may arise with limited staff numbers caring for an ever growing number of aging patients. A recent study conducted by Deloitte on behalf of the Aged Care Guild identified some of the challenges the Australian aged care sector face. One of those challenges identified is the long term financial sustainability of aged care funding. Other trends included transitioning the aged care sector towards a more consumer-oriented, market-based funding mechanism, an increased emphasis on consumer choice in aged care and the trend of many Australians choosing to ‘age in place’ or in their homes.

Turning challenges into opportunities

These challenges can be viewed as opportunities for aged care providers and home care workers to improve their services and differentiate their quality of care. One way to do this is by using integrated medical grade IT devices and solutions. This is a space Micromax Health is familiar with.

“Aged care providers are beginning to adopt different types of technology to improve the efficiency of their operations and service offerings”. —Deloitte Access Economics (2016).  Australia’s aged care sector: economic contribution and future directions. Report conducted for the Aged Care Guild.

Micromax Health seeks to assist healthcare providers at aged care facilities, and home care providers, to fulfill their demanding responsibilities. Our Onyx range of medical grade IT solutions can help automate certain manual work flows.  The medical computing solutions we provide assist the aged care sector to effectively implement new technologies into their workforce; technologies that are user-friendly and easy to train your workforce on. Our medical IT devices save nurses and professionals valuable time so that they can physically attend to the needs of their patients. Ageing patients also benefit as our medical grade computers offer improved accuracy of care provided.

Other products, such as our Pressure-Sensitive Detection Mats, help aged care staff to be informed when a patient moves from their location. This solution can minimise the risk of falls and ensures that medical staff are notified to assist the patient as soon as possible.

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Key features of our medical grade IT product range

  • Medical grade computers and devices
  • Cable-less designs – improved mobility
  • Long-life battery systems
  • Waterproof and dustproof – easy to disinfect
  • Easily integrate with current nurse-call systems
  • Advanced processing power
  • Full medical and quality (ISO 9001) certifications. Click to view a full list of medical certifications.

Tailored to the aged care industry

Micromax Health provides medical grade IT devices, computers and consumable products to the aged care sector; including Home and Community Care (HACC), home care and residential care. We have various solutions available for use by community care workers, nurses, aged care workers, disability workers, home help professionals and dementia specialists. Allied health specialists who also care for aging and elderly patients use our medical IT computers and devices to improve their work flow. This includes physiotherapists, psychologists, optometrists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists and dieticians. Our mobile medical tablet PC can be of particular use to this unique group of professionals.

Solutions for aged care facilities

The list below shows a selection of our medical IT computers and solutions that can greatly benefit the aged care industry.

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Servicing Asia Pacific

Micromax Health provides medical-grade IT devices and solutions to aged care facilities and home care service providers across Asia Pacific. We also have an Australian-based Warranty, Repairs and Support Centre.

Please contact us to discuss how our range of solutions can be utilised in an Aged Care facility.

Whether you need medical grade computers, medical grade UPS, patient monitors or medical carts, we have the solution for you.

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Why work with Micromax Health?

Medical Grade Solutions & Industry-leading Partners

We are committed to providing leading medical grade IT devices and solutions that ensure longevity of product and process.

Reliable and Local Support

We have an Australian-based Warranty, Repairs and Support Centre for Asia Pacific including a next-day support service by our field application engineers.

Internationally Certified

We are internationally certified against Quality, Environment and Safety.

Committed to providing medical grade IT devices and solutions for improved health care and to save lives