Onyx Healthcare Launches New Product Line – Digital Diagnostic Scope

Micromax Health is pleased to share Onyx Healthcare has expanded it’s offering of digital medical solutions with the introduction of the Onyx Digital Diagnostic Scope—an ultra-high resolution multipurpose solution that is ideal for use with telemedicine or standalone applications, making […]

Transform your operating room with the Onyx ACCEL Digital OR Solution!

The Onyx ACCEL digital operating room line of hardware provided by Micromax Health can transform your operating room into an ultra efficient centrally controlled digital Operating Room. ACCEL hardware can be used for many digital medical functions by connecting to […]

Micromax Health supports PPE supply in Australia

Micromax Health is a recognized provider of medical grade IT devices and solutions for improved health care delivery. So when the supply for personal protective equipment came under strain our international network reached out. Sys-mac is experienced in making production […]

The Onyx MD-116(i) – A rugged mobile CDSS tablet designed to leverage AI applications

The Onyx MD116 tablets provided by Micromax Health provide medical staff with higher efficiency tools to execute their daily routines. The MD116 tablets can be easily carried directly to the patients bedside for immediate assessment of patient vital sign data […]

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