Micromax Health supports PPE supply in Australia

Micromax Health is a recognized provider of medical grade IT devices and solutions for improved health care delivery. So when the supply for personal protective equipment came under strain our international network reached out. Sys-mac is experienced in making production […]

The Onyx MD-116(i) – A rugged mobile CDSS tablet designed to leverage AI applications

The Onyx MD116 tablets provided by Micromax Health provide medical staff with higher efficiency tools to execute their daily routines. The MD116 tablets can be easily carried directly to the patients bedside for immediate assessment of patient vital sign data […]

Bulk Sanitiser Available Now!

Micromax Health is happy to support the Covid-19 response by providing access to bulk supply hand sanitiser refills. We provide the option of handy 350ml refill packs and 2L bulk packs to fill any need that arises. The 350ml price […]

Leading the way with Visionflex ProEX-Mobile!

Micromax Health is proud to represent Onyx and partner with VisionFlex during the TeleHealth project which has delivered the ProEx-Mobile TeleHealth product. This exceptional product will play a part combating COVID-19 and beyond. Well done and congratulations to Onyx and […]

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