Mobile Medical Tablet PC – MD Series

Micromax Health supplies a range of medical grade Mobile Medical Tablet Computers. This innovative technology is especially designed to streamline data exchange for a range of healthcare industry sectors including Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and hospitals.

Built with portability in mind, these lightweight and ultra-slim Mobile Medical Tablet PC’s are easy to handle while on the move.  With rugged features, high brightness LCD and a high performance CPU our mobile computers can be used in harsh environments while delivering superb performance and a crystal clear image.

With the integration of medical software solutions from medDV and Onyx Healthcare, the mobile tablet devices provide a highly optimised solution for communicating and documenting patient information at fast speeds. They also help to eliminate medical paperwork by automating workflows, allowing paramedics and nurses to instantly access and document patient records. This seamless flow of communication creates a better patient care experience, where medical staff can focus on providing lifesaving care with all the information at the fingertips.

VIDEO: Mobile Medical Tablet Assistant by Onyx – Designed for EMS and Paramedics



Effortless data collection and documentation
Integration with various medical devices
Medical and ambulance dual certifications
Continuous power for 24/7 non-stop use
Rugged design for outdoor and indoor use
Lightweight and compact design for mobility
Convenient patient data delivery to the hospital
Windows OS support
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.0

12” Mobile Medical Tablet PC (MD116)


Intel® Apollo Lake processor
High-intensity 11.6” LED display, with ultra-wide viewing angle
Sunlight readable 1200 nits display
EN/UL 60601-1/eMark/EN1789 certified
Front and rear cameras for digital documentation
Dual hot-swappable batteries for 24/7 use
Dual smart card readers for multiple care workflow
Standard USB Type-A and RJ45 for easy connection to medical devices
Fanless, IP54 waterproof and dustproof design
Cleanable and safe to sanitise
Dual LTE modules for stable connections
Drop resistant (0.9m/3ft) magnesium alloy chassis with elastomer grip
ORION/NIDA client compatible
Latex glove compatible PCAP Gorilla Glass touchscreen
Vehicle dock with battery charger and extra ports
Automotive Directive and EN1789 certified for ambulance/medical vehicles
Windows 10 installed

MD116 EMS tablet computer and docking stationSmart on the inside

Internally, the MD116 features a fanless design with the latest Intel Apollo Lake platform running Windows 10. Wireless connectivity supports 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth with optional support for 4G LTE+GPS. Dual LTE modules ensure nonstop connectivity while on the road.

Rugged medical tablet with clever docking stationOne-handed operation

The MD116 EMD tablet can be easily docked, locked and released by one hand from the vehicle docking system. The system includes an easy-clamp locking mechanism that safely secures the tablet in place.

The MD116 medical IT device can be used with smart cardsDesigned for acute care

Dual Smart Card Readers free up paramedics from frequently exchanging ID cards so they can focus more on acute patient care. In addition to automated patient vital sign data collection, the MD116 mobile tablet also integrates a high resolution camera for documenting wounds and barcode scanning.

Batteries for the MD116 Mobile Medical Tablet24/7 power

Compact, lightweight and easy to change, the dual hot-swappable batteries can be charged in as little as two hours. LED indicators show the exact power level on each battery pack in real time.

Robust chassis design

MD116 is designed to be used outdoors in extreme environments. To accommodate different situations, the mobile tablet is constructed in a magnesium alloy chassis with ruggedised edges that can withstand a 0.9m drop. In addition to being IP54 waterproof compliant, the display is designed to operate well even in direct sunlight and is protected by scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

The MD116 supports high technology connectivityDual signal modules

In case of signal loss, MD116 has Dual LTE support modules to ensure that ambulance/medical staff will be able to receive signals from two different LTE data providers. Additionally, antennas are hidden inside the handle to achieve optimum signal reception without being blocked by the magnesium alloy CHASSIS.

Streamlined ePCR Data Flow

Below we outline how the MD116 Mobile Medical Tablet allows for streamlined Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR), from the Control Centre to the Hospital/Clinic.

Control centres

  • Fast, secure and complete data communication between the control centre and ambulance crew/paramedics
  • Integrating dispatch/control centre data with mobile rescue teams
  • Easy documentation, billing and archiving of activities
  • Comprehensive analysis of all data immediately after a patient is attended to
  • Effortless data collection and communication with a significant reduction of errors.

Mobile rescue teams

  • Clear and accurate dispatch information from the control centre
  • Easy, fast and complete documentation of dispatch information presented clearly
  • Simplified patient delivery to the admitting hospital and convenient reporting for the control centre
  • Standardisation and hence, acceleration of processes and procedures for the ambulance/paramedic crew
  • Integration of a variety of medical devices, such as thermal printers, defibrillators, wearable cameras, monitors, ventilators, etc.


  • Faster, more efficient and superior care for emergency patients due to relevant medical staff being fully informed and prepared
  • Gaining comprehensive insights with the patient pre-registration option, for example: vital parameters, trends, rest-ECG’s, photos, etc.
  • Standardisation of processes with customised solutions such as “Stroke Angel” and “Cardio Angel”
  • Process optimisation with potential for cost reduction
  • Improved communication between hospital and paramedics/ambulance crew

Security handshake

MD116 built in RFID and Tag support provides secure proximity handshake ability with various common defibrillators/ventilators without the need to key in passwords.

Vital signs data

Vital signs data and treatment options can be automatically retrieved from defibrillators and ventilators and written into ePCR via Bluetooth without paper transcription.


Other Models

10” Mobile Medical Tablet PC (MD101)



Ambulance Attendant
Patient Transport
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Emergency Room/Department
Emergency Response
Acute Care
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Electronic Health Records (EHR)


Emergency Management Services
Private Hospitals
Public Hospitals
Local Area Health Services
Private Surgeries
Home Health Care Providers
Aged Care Facilities
Allied Health
Mental Health Institutions
Super Clinics
Palliative Care
Health Researchers
Military and Government
Transportation and Logistics
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