Slim Medical Panel PC

As healthcare IT technology and innovation continues to revolutionise the medical and hospital sectors, the visual display of this information needs to be up to speed. Micromax Health provides the Onyx Slim Medical Panel PC as a cost-effective high quality IT solution for the medical industry. The computer is waterproof, hospital disinfecting wipe safe and completely fanless. Powered by Intel Atom processors, these medical IT computers feature diverse connectivity options. And their ultra-slim design means that the device can be mounted easily to any wall surface with minimal obstruction.

These unique features make this medical grade panel PC suitable for a wide variety of healthcare IT applications – including within hospital wards, mobile nursing, pharmacy automation and hospital administration.

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Variety of sizes for specific applications
Flexible power input
High speed wireless data transmission
Processing in compact size
Small to large LCD choices
Quiet, clean and easy maintenance
EN/UL 60601-1 certification
Manufactured from medical grade materials

Variety of display sizes

Slim Medical Panel PC offers four LCD sizes to meet the requirements of various hospital applications – 10.1″ (1280×800 resolution) /12″ (1366×768 resolution) /15.6″ (1920×1080 resolution) /17″(1280×1024 resolution)/18.5″ (1366×768 resolution).

Quiet, clean and easy to maintain

Ultra-slim design medical panel PC


The slim medical panel computers utilise a large heatsink on the back cover to efficiently dissipate heat generated from the processor and chipset. The  cooling design keeps the working environment quiet, clean and lowers maintenance requirements.

Energy efficient

The medical panel PC consumes less than 50W of power. This low energy usage extends battery life and increases usage time between battery changes – it also helps minimise our environmental impact.

Wide-range power input

Designed to accept +9V to +30V DC power input, this wide range power input provides compatibility with a variety of power sources. It can integrate with the healthcare technology industries most popular mobile computer cart brands such as Metro, Ergotron, ITD GmbH, Howard Medical and many others.

High-performance WLAN

With dual antennas built into the Slim Medical Panel PCs, data-heavy medical records and PACS images can be transferred through IEEE 802.11ac/a/b/g/n wireless LAN, at up to 300Mbps.


18.5" J1900 Quad Core Slim Medical Panel PC (ONYX-BE182)


Intel® J1900 2.42GHz Quad Core processor
18.5” wide colour thin-film-transistor (TFT) LCD screen
Project Capacitive Touch (PCT) screen with Multi-Touch support
Wired remote control
VOIP phone
Webcam and high quality speaker
Reading light
Optional RFID reader, MSR, Smart Card Reader
Barcode scanner
IP65 Waterproof front panel
EN/UL 60601-1


Other Models

17" Core i3 Slim Medical Panel PC (ONYX-1723 )


17" Fanless J1900 Quad Core Slim Medical Panel PC (ONYX-1731)


15.6" Fanless J1900 Quad Core Slim Medical Panel PC (ONYX-1531)


11.6" Fanless J1900 Quad Core Slim Medical Panel PC (ONYX-1222)


10.1” J1900 Quad Core Slim Medical Panel PC (ONYX-1022)




Hospital/Patient Ward
Long Term Care Facility
Emergency Room
Intensive Care Unit
Nursing Station
Operating Room/Surgery Theatre


Private Surgeries
Mental Health Institutions
Super Clinics
Palliative Care
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