Emergency Services and Paramedics

The Micromax Health EMS product range and solutions has been designed by paramedics and EMS professionals to meet the needs of the emergency services industry.  World-wide emergency services are continually implementing technologies and processes to improve their response times and provide better quality patient care.


The Onyx Mobile Medical Tablets were built with the purpose to help save lives, improve communications and patient outcomes as its foundation. The device lowers the total cost of ownership by integrating an intuitive documentation tool for Electronics Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) and an automated wireless data exchange mechanism as a turnkey solution.

Our medical-grade Mobile Medical Tablet PC is available in both a durable and rugged design and enables real-time sharing of critical patient information. For example, emergency paramedic staff can enter patient details into the tablet, while in transit to the hospital. This information is simultaneously received by emergency staff at the hospital, allowing them to prepare to best care for the incoming patient. This saves valuable seconds. And when it comes to saving lives every second counts.

MD-116 and MD101: Engineered for use in the field

Key Benefits

  • Dual network cards, for zero-downtime communication
  • High-capacity hot swappable batteries, providing a constant 24/7 power supply
  • High-intensity brightness screen for use in full sunlight
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle
  • Robust chassis design and water-resistant for rugged environments (MD-116)
  • Built-in language translator, essential when caring for foreign language patients
  • Filmless and paperless interaction in the hospital environment
  • Security handshake – built-in RFID & Tag support providing secure proximity handshake ability with common defibrillators/ventilators without the need of using passwords
  • Full medical certifications.

Communication Benefits to Mobile Rescue Teams

  • Real-time sharing of critical patient information
  • Clear and accurate takeover of operations from the dispatch center
  • Easy, fast and complete documentation of operations presented clearly and legibly
  • Simplified patient delivery to the admitting hospital and convenient reporting from the dispatch center
  • Standarisation and acceleration of processes and procedures for the emergency crew
  • Integration of medical devices e.g. respirator, monitor and defibrillator
  • Integration of documentation tools e.g. Thermal printer, car mounting kit, paper roll
  • Integration with surveillance devices e.g. wearable camera and docking station.

Tailored to EMS and Paramedics

Micromax Health provides medical-grade IT devices, computers and consumable products to various practitioners in the EMS field. This includes Paramedics, Intensive Care Paramedics, Ambulance Transport/Transfer Attendant, Patient Transport/Transfer Officers, Offshore Paramedics and First Aid Service Technicians. FIFO Doctors/GP, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals can also benefit from our Mobile Medical Tablet PC.

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Servicing Asia Pacific

Micromax Health provides medical-grade IT devices and solutions to emergency services professionals and paramedics across Asia Pacific. We also have an Australian-based Warranty, Repairs and Support Centre.

Whether you need medical grade computers, medical grade UPS, patient monitors or medical carts, we have the solution for you.

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