Visitor Management & Compliance Solutions

Improve efficiency, reduce costs and enjoy smart analytics

Attend to visitors and contractors safely with contact-free options.

Cater to different groups with specific processes for staff, guests and contractors.

One efficient solution for multiple processes and compliance requirements.


Much more than just a safe and simple check-in

Typical visitor management solutions can provide:
  • Visitor, staff, contractor processes.
  • Badge Printing.
  • Clear & easy sign in & sign out buttons.
  • QR codes for mobile check in.
  • Site Inductions
  • Live SMS notifications.
  • Real-time visitor & contractor reporting.
  • Pre-register visitors before arrival on site.
  • Notify occupants of guest arrival.
  • Contractor access control based on permits and approvals.
  • Store and share site policies.
  • Visitor logs.
  • Evacuation list.
  • Capture visitor information & profile.
  • An extensive suite of solutions requirements are available for compliance requirements.

Our technology partners

Micromax Technology works with innovative technology partners to provide solutions to meet your organizations needs.

Micromax utilizes software for seamless solutions. TIKS make compliance easy. TIKS software enables integrated solutions for safer workplaces around the world.

We can help

Updating to a digital system can reduce staff workload and save money, improve security and compliance. Typical set-up reduces physical contact and enables social distancing.

Whether your needs are turning manual visitor sign in processes into a digital system or a complete digital transformation with a complete end-end integrated system, we can help.

Visitor check-in, site induction, time attendance and alerts are some common requirements.


Complete Service

Our solutions can be provided as all-in-one format, meaning they are hassle free for you to set-up, can run independent of other systems as required and are easy to use for your team.

We provide the hardware and software together as one solution ready to work for you.

Micromax can deliver to site and provide branded kiosks and digital signage for a complete brand experience.

We are an Australian based company who offer warranty and have the capacity to repair hardware in-house.


We can cater to a range of needs

Software solutions are available for a range of requirements:

  • Asset Management
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Chemical Register
  • Drug & Alcohol integration
  • Lone worker
  • Chain of Responsibility
  • Visitor Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Competency Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Permit control
  • Task sheets & Job closure
  • Work scheduling
  • ERP integration
  • Time attendance
  • Breach notification
  • Fatigue Management
  • Document Management
  • Induction and Training


Visitor check in
Navigating wards
Staff check in and time attendance
Contactless visitor management
Contractor Management


Mental Health Hospitals
Major Clinics
Private Surgeries
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