Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our medical grade IT products and the services we provide, together with some related fact sheets and useful links. If your question isn’t listed here please call or email us.

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How do I best care for my Onyx batteries?

Watch our short video to find out about our top five tips that will ensure you get the most out of the innovative 24/7 Onyx battery and charger system.

Request Document & Resources: How do I best care for my Onyx Batteries?

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How do I change the hot swappable batteries on the Venus mobile medical cart or other devices?

Most importantly, never replace both Onyx batteries simultaneously as this will turn off your computer, potentially loosing critical medical information. Always replace your battery one at a time and place them on the battery charger as soon as possible.

Watch this short video to see how a Venus battery can be changed in under 20 seconds.


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What does ‘hot-swappable batteries’ mean?

Hot-swappable batteries are batteries that have been designed in a way that allows for you to change batteries whilst maintaining power to your medical computer or device.

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How do I clean my Onyx medical grade unit?

Watch our short video to find out about how to best clean your Onyx medical grade computer.


Make sure you always use an antibacterial wipe to clean your medical grade unit.

Start by wiping from the front of the screen in a top to bottom motion and then finish across the bottom. This method minimises the amount of streaking on the screen. Once finished, dispose of this wipe.

With a new anti-bacterial wipe clean down the back surface in whatever way practical and dispose of the wipe. Do not use the same wipe for the front and back of the medical computer unit as the dirt from the front will be transferred onto the back of the device.

Download a PDF of the cleaning instructions

Download a PDF of the official Onyx chemical cleaning guide

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How often can I clean my Onyx medical grade computer?

You can clean your medical grade unit as often as required. Many medical and health care institutions will have a recommended minimum frequency for routine cleaning of various items within their facility. This may be weekly, daily or after each use depending on the risk involved.

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What does a cable-less medical-grade computer mean?

It means that the computer does not need to run off wall power, like several of our Onyx range, rather it is usually powered by an inbuilt battery or UPS system. This is particularly useful in the medical and health care industry as it minimises trip hazards, increases the amount of time the device can be continually used and reduces the need to buy additional computer carts whilst the cable carts are being charged.

Overall a cable-less medical grade mobile computer improves the nursing workflow.

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What is the warranty on my Onyx device?

The standard warranty on all Onyx devices is two years return to base. An extended warranty can also be purchased and we also have a DIY warranty option.  Micromax Health also offers a premium on site next business day warranty and repairs service.

For more information visit our Support, Warranty and Repairs page.

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How long is the product life of Onyx products?

Onyx medical devices including rechargeable batteries have a product life of 10 years – this guarantees that any Onyx product will be maintained and supported for at least 10 years.

Unlike other batteries, Onyx batteries are truly medical grade. They are also smart batteries which health status can be monitored in real-time throughout the life of the battery.

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Why work with Micromax Health?

Medical Grade Solutions & Industry-leading Partners

We are committed to providing leading medical grade IT devices and solutions that ensure longevity of product and process.

Reliable and Local Support

We have an Australian-based Warranty, Repairs and Support Centre for Asia Pacific including a next-day support service by our field application engineers.

Internationally Certified

We are internationally certified against Quality, Environment and Safety.

Committed to providing medical grade IT devices and solutions for improved health care and to save lives