Mobile Medical Cart Computer – Venus Series

The mobile cart computing solution is an all-in-one panel computer that provides 24/7 non-stop service and true mobility.

Reducing the time and difficulty of tasks for staff to get on with it is paramount in today’s health workplaces in Australia.

A modern and mobile system that goes 24/7 can make a massive reduction on the time cost of certain activities which can be spent elsewhere in your healthcare facility.

Find out just how easy changing batteries can be in the following video.

VIDEO:Venus 4th Gen.

Need to know more?

The Venus series feature a swappable battery system and universal mounting slots. The battery system allows users to replace one of the batteries without switching the computer off. Additionally, the dual batteries are designed to enable a long running time and short charging time.

The lightweight design of the mobile cart computer features a magnesium alloy rear cover which provides superior strength and enables greater heat dissipation. The mounting slots provided will fit any medical cart. Other features that come with the unit such as RFID, reading light bar and smart card scanner provide ease of use for the operator.


Comparison of Nurse Mobile Medical Cart Computers

Venus series cleaning – recommendations from Onyx

Top 5 Tips for Venus Battery Care

UPower – Providing uninterupted power to your devices

23.8" 24/7 Self-powered Mobile Medical Cart Computer (Venus-224)


23.8” Monitor
Hot swappable battery design, supports 24/7 run time
Cleanability with hospital solvents (front IP65)
Optional Smart card, RFID and barcode readers
Intel® 10nm 11 gene. Tiger Lake i7/i5/i3/Celeron Processor

23” 24/7 Self powered Mobile Medical Cart Computer (Venus-223)


23” Monitor
Hot swappable battery design, supports 24/7 run time
Cleanability with hospital solvents (front IP54)
Intel Skylake Dual-Core i5 / Quad-Core J1900
Support remote monitor/control/update (ORION compatible)
Lightweight design
Front reading light bar

Other Models

24” Mobile Medical Cart Computer (Venus-243)

22” Mobile Medical Cart Computer (Venus-222)


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Mobile Medical Carts


Mental Health Hospitals
Major Clinics
Private Surgeries
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