Onyx ACCEL-A3202 – improving efficiency within Intensive Care Units


ACCEL-A3202 – Improving speed and efficiency within ICU’s

Intensive care units are coming under tremendous pressure around the world with the current health challenges faced due to COVID-19. Even without a global pandemic, ICU’s can be one of the most stressful work environments in hospitals. The doctors and nurses who work in these critical units are under pressure to provide the best possible care for patients that need their help the most.

Accurate recording of a patients vital signs in ICU’s is an important daily task that helps medical staff to select the best treatment plan.  Our supplier of our medical-grade tech devices, Onyx Healthcare,have designed the Onyx ACCEL-A3202 32″ 4K UHD with all of these challenges in mind.

Multi-touch all-in-one medical workstation

The ACCEL-A3202 has a multi-touch all-in-one medical workstation that brings high-tech efficiency to a patients ICU bedside. It also helps hospital staff quickly and accurately record patient data directly into a medical database.

The ACCEL-A3202 can also act as a dashboard as it has an intuitive software user interface that automatically collects and transfers patient data from connected devices – such as an electrocardiogram for further analysis or to trigger alerts when a patient’s vital signs reach critical levels requiring immediate medical attention.

Recording neurological observation chart within ICUs

For ICU patients who are unconscious and under continuous observation, an ACCEL-A3202 can be placed bedside for quick access and entry of information into a neurological observation chart.

With many parameters that need to be tested and recorded – such as a patient’s ability to respond with verbal and motor reactions as well as the the standard blood pressure and pulse rates – the ACCEL-3202 increases efficiency by streamlining the data entry process at the patients bedside. And there is no need to then re-enter the same data later on at a workstation.

The removal of double handing data, reduces errors and helps medical staff be more efficient. This means they have more time to perform other life saving duties or assist other patients.

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