ACCEL 32″ 4K UHD Surgical Work Station & Monitor


Micromax Health introduces the Onyx ACCEL Series Multi-Touch Medical Stations and Medical LCD Monitors.

In today’s operating rooms, critical information and images such as patient vital signs, surgical and x-ray images must be displayed simultaneously for quick and easy viewing by doctors and nurses. Leveraging the latest advances in display technology, the Onyx ACCEL series offers large screen ultra high-definition 4K resolution featuring Intel Xeon and Core i7 quad-core processors, capacitive multi-touch screens and multiple video inputs to improve display quality.

32″ 4K UHD High Resolution & High Brightness Display

The ACCEL series offers a thirty-two inch 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD) resolution 350-nit high brightness display for extremely sharp and accurate high resolution medical imaging.

Intel Xeon and Core i7 Quad-Core Processors

For mission-critical medical applications, Intel Xeon and Core i7 quad-core processors and ECC (error-correcting code) memory provide cutting edge computing power while preserving data integrity, preventing data corruption and system failures.

Three PCI Express Slots for High-End Graphics, Fiber LAN and UHD Video Capture

The ACCEL Medical Station provides one PCI Express [x16] slot, one PCI Express [x4] slot and one PCI Express [x1] slot to support high-end graphics cards, a NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerator, a fiber 10 GbE LAN card and a 4K UHD video capture card.

Enhanced Functionality for Medical Imaging

The ACCEL Medical Monitor provides the ideal solution for medical imaging with multi-picture functionality and a back-light sensor that can automatically adjust the image brightness to ensure the user enjoys the clearest image possible under any lighting conditions.

IP65 Rated Front Panel with Antimicrobial Surface Coating

The ACCEL Medical Monitor has an IP65 rated front panel offering protection against contact and infiltration of water and dirt, while the antimicrobial surface coating adds another layer of protection to minimise the spread of disease.

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Micromax Health provides medical grade IT devices and tech solutions for the medical and healthcare industry.

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