18 hours of non-stop battery power – the XXL battery system


In an effort to enhance our customers’ user experience and increase support for even more applications, Micromax Health is pleased to announce Onyx’s latest innovation in high power output and high capacity batteries – the XXL battery.Extra long-life battery - XXL series

The XXL battery has a 135 Wh capacity that provides up to eighteen hours of nonstop power output and is fully compatible with all Venus and UPower series products, so it can immediately replace your existing Onyx batteries without any additional requirements or changes. Being medically certified, these unique batteries are ready for the strict standards of the medical industry.

With our improved battery technology, we have been able to extend the lifespan of the XXL by 150%. The XXL battery weighs only 0.7 kg, making it lightweight and easy enough to carry and swap-out with just one hand. Additionally, the batteries feature internal memory, enabling the ability to record battery data for analysis.

Take the next great step in the evolution of mobile-powered systems and see how the new and improved XXL battery can extend the life of your computer systems.

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