Venus 243 – The Latest in Mobile Medical Cart Computing


The Venus 243 is the latest addition to the Mobile Medical Cart Computer range at Micromax Health.  As part of the Venus series from Onyx Healthcare, the new Venus 243 features an Intel Skylake Dual-Core i5 CPU and large 23.8” vertical alignment (VA) panel that provides the most comfortable interface yet for hospital EHR systems such as Epic, and Cerner. Incorporated into this new design is a dual hot swappable battery system, making it possible for a constant power supply. Also, with two XL batteries, the Venus 243 has up to seven hours of continuous runtime.

Features of the mobile medical cart computer

As with the entire Venus series, the 243 includes an IP65 waterproof exterior that can be safely cleaned with disinfectant solutions. The full high definition (FHD) output allows for extremely clear images to be displayed on both the primary and secondary viewing screen. And as with all of Micromax Health’s product range, the Venus 243 is a medical grade computing solution tailored to the needs of the medical and health care industry including hospitals, aged care facilities, local area health services and clinics.

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