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Micromax Health is proud to represent Onyx and partner with VisionFlex during the TeleHealth project which has delivered the ProEx-Mobile TeleHealth product. This exceptional product will play a part combating COVID-19 and beyond. Well done and congratulations to Onyx and VisionFlex for making this a reality and a viable global solution in response to COVID-19 and the new TeleHealth standard.

Health authorities across the country are embracing a new technology that bridges the distance between doctors and patients. This innovation helps deliver healthcare from the outback to the world and is the brainchild of two Australian engineers.

This device is changing the way tele-medicine is being delivered, showing how easy it is to screen someone’s health remotely with extreme picture clarity. From skin checks to dental exams, ear and throat probes, and wound management, it bridges great distances between doctors and patients in regional communities.

This is the latest innovation in rural healthcare that brings together new and existing emergency and specialty services in a 24/7 virtual clinical hub to support doctors and nurses in delivering quality care remotely.

Cutting-edge technology, like the ProEX Telehealth Hub, ensures that even the most remote communities have access to the best care available.

What can ProEX do to help with Covid-19?

Using telehealth technology to help manage the COVID-19 outbreak allows patients and health professionals to meet ‘virtually’, which greatly reduces the transmission risk of the virus and improves response times. Telehealth also allows health professionals to see more patients in any given time period which is critical in this time of limited resources and climbing infection rates. Telehealth also assists in providing early diagnosis of the disease by connecting medical specialists to health professionals in rural and remote clinics, thereby reducing travel times for these patients and improving response and treatment times dramatically.

The Visionflex range of telehealth products can assist your team to reach more patients and to reduce the number of  infections by helping clinician diagnose COVID-19 without the need to travel.

Long-term Homecare

Australia like many western countries is gradually moving towards an aging society and the development of telemedicine is a foreseeable need.

Elderly people who need medical resources cannot gain access to medical care because of the lack of convenient transportation options, or other restrictions in their mobility.

The ProEX Telehealth Hub is a great improvement in the public’s restriction in seeking healthcare resources, breaking the constraints of time and space and effectively saving medical resources. Those with mild symptoms can have a consultation with a doctor via the cloud and receive medicine from community pharmacies, increasing public trust and reducing the waste of medical resources.

Onyx MD116 as ProEX-Mobile

The ProEX Mobile is an application of MD-116. Leverage MD-116’s features such as hot swappable batteries for 24/7 use, dual signal modules to ensure that paramedics will able to receive signals from 2 different LTE data providers avoiding for signal loss. MD-116 perfectly provides the telehealth solution to ProEX-Mobile and offers all the features of the ProEX Telehealth Hub along in a ruggedized form factor and dual battery portability. The system is ideal for travelling health professionals who might be moving between clinics or visiting patients in their homes.

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