12” Nurse Tablet with Mobile Nursing Cart


The dream combination: 12” nurse tablet with a mobile nursing cart by ONYX

Micromax Health has introduced into the Australian healthcare space the new Onyx MD116/MD116i tablets and nursing cart packages medical staff can easily execute their daily routines with much higher efficiency and performance. Because of it’s mobility, medical staff can easily carry the MD116/MD116i tablets directly to a patient’s bedside for immediate assessment of vital sign data while accessing the patient information required.

The Onyx MD116/MD116i tablet and nursing cart package, also has a quick docking and release mechanism that minimises carrying time, allowing carers and nurses to conduct other critical activities.

What makes our package superior? Other off-the-shelf medical nursing cart computers often require attachments to be added to the medical cart. This greatly reduces their mobile functionality, adds weight and bulkiness which can make navigating hospital wards difficult. Plus, our medical mobile tablet is medical-grade. Is yours?

The rugged design of our medical tablet means that it can withstand a 1 meter drop and includes IP65 protection for the front panel. And even with all of these features it is still powerful enough to perform all the necessary medical related computing. Below we outline additional features:

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Micromax Health provides medical grade IT devices and solutions for the medical and healthcare industry.

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