Onyx Healthcare Launches New Product Line – Digital Diagnostic Scope


Micromax Health is pleased to share Onyx Healthcare has expanded it’s offering of digital medical solutions with the introduction of the Onyx Digital Diagnostic Scope—an ultra-high resolution multipurpose solution that is ideal for use with telemedicine or standalone applications, making access to healthcare smarter and more efficient.

The Digital Diagnostic Scope line launch has begun with three models covering entry level to high-end use applications, offering a variety of interchangeable components that are sure to meet your ophthalmoscope, otoscope and dermatoscope requirements.

  • Entry-Level EOC-100, all-in-one ENT

  • Standard DSC-100, with switchable Lenses

  • High-End DSC-300P, perfect for Opthalmology, ENT, Dermatomology

Entry Level EOC-100 Digital Diagnostic Scope

Standard DSC-100 Digital Diagnostic Scope

High End DSC-300P Digital Diagnostic Scope


Detailed product information can be found on  the Digital Diagnostic Scope page and our products page also shows other innovative products from Onyx Healthcare. See out latest solutions.


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