Onyx announce guaranteed 10 years delivery after EOL


Micromax Health and their partners want to make sure that our valued customers can have the utmost confidence in our company and our product line. That is why we are pleased to inform you that our partners Onyx have dedicated themselves to guaranteeing an extended ten year delivery after end-of-life (EOL) on all Onyx products.

With Onyx’s temperature and humidity controlled storage facility, we can keep our device components in like-new condition for up to ten years after a products EOL. This includes verified regular storage reports from the facility.

This provides several benefits for medical customers, such as no longer needing to make medical certification updates. It also reduces the danger of regulatory updates from the FDA or software updates needed by hardware component changes. Customers will also not need to worry about hardware version control. Our ten year fixed bill of materials makes repairs simple and easy.

With our new extended ten year delivery after end-of-life (EOL) guarantee on our products, we continue to make our customers our number one priority, so that we can be your number one vendor of choice for medical IT devices.

Incredible benefits include:

  • 10 year delivery package after end-of-life
  • No danger of FDA updates requiring component changes
  • No software updates caused by hardware component changes
  • No more worries about hardware version control
  • 10 year fixed bill of materials making repairs simple and easy

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