Innovative 4K resolution surgical workstations and monitors hits the market


Micromax Health is pleased to announce the ACCEL-M3201 as the latest addition of innovative 4K resolution surgical workstations and monitors.

The ACCEL-M3201 supports multi-picture functions such as:

It allows for multitasking and simultaneous viewing of up to four video sources at 1080p. this helps with increased productivity and performance.

DICOM Part 14 GSDF – provides the clearest images possible. The look-up-table technology offers clients the ability to correct non-linear colour rendering errors common in most LCD medical displays.

ACCEL-M3201  – the built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness for the most comfortable viewing available under any lighting conditions.

The ACCEL-M3201 can be easily attached to any wall or placed in a convenient location based on your viewing needs. Multi-Stream Transport (MST) enables the source system to send multiple independent video signals over a single DisplayPort or SDI (12G) output, allowing multiple monitors to show images at the same time.

And for the ultimate convenience, the ACCEL-M3201 has an infrared remote control system that is a perfect fit for medical applications, especially in an operating room where productivity can be maximised and cross-contamination must be prevented.

With it’s ultra-high-definition 4K display capabilities and an impressive list of supported features, the ACCEL-M3201 is the best choice as a total display solution for operating rooms where surgeons and patients must depend on the highest quality imaging available to ensure a successful outcome each and every time.

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