Onyx – Prepared for 2018 EU Medical Certification


Onyx Healthcare is the first company with EMC 4.0 / Safe 3.1 ready products

In the European Union, the Date of Withdrawal (DoW) of EN 60601-1:2006 (Safety Edition 3.0) is published as Dec. 31st 2017, and DoW of EN 60601-1-2:2007 (EMC Edition 3.0) is published as Dec. 31st 2018.

All devices manufactured and imported into the EU are required to comply with EN 60601-1:2006/A1:2013 (Safety Edition 3.1) after year 2018 and EN 60601-1-25:2015 (EMC Edition 4.0) after year 2019. All Onyx products are already compliant to Safety Edition 3.1 and EMC Edition 4.0.

100W mobile power for your non-stop care

UPower supplies multiple power output connectorsIntroducing the latest addition to the Onyx UPower line of uninterruptible power solutions—the UPower Pro-22. This hot-swappable battery charger is also able to supply power to any piece of mobile equipment. With an intelligent battery sensing system, the UPower Pro-22 automatically detects the type of battery inserted and provides optimised power at the correct wattage. Making this power solution even more versatile is a 10W USB Type A connector that offers easy charging for many types of mobile electronic form factors such as tablet computers and cell phones. With the UPower Pro-22, your battery powered mobile computing solutions will never again be in danger of losing power when it is most critically needed.

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UPower – Providing constant power to mobile medical computers and devices


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