Onyx MEDPC-9000 series is the medical box PC that provides you with more flexibility and creativity


Micromax Health and Onyx are proud to announce the MEDPC-9000 series medical box PC that provides you with more flexibility and creativity. The slim, ultra-compact enclosure is conveniently designed with a variety of expansion options to fit users needs – like flexible storage, memory and support for multiple peripheral devices. The Onyx MEDPC-9000 series makes fulfilling your medical box PC requirements easy, anywhere you need them.

Flexible options in three steps

Step 1 – Choose the CPU for your function

  • MEDPC-9100 with XEON-E3 CPU provides essential performance and display support for high-end applications
  • MEDPC-9200 with a 6th Generation Intel Core i7 (Skylake) processor supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux operating systems for greater comparability
  •  MEDPC-9300 with AMD Ryzen Embedded V1807B processor provides high-end graphics performance

Step 2 – Choose the extension capability for your function

  • MEDPC-9100 can support PCIe x16 isolated modules and withstand high amounts of environmental electromagnetic waves without interfering with medical equipment, making it safer
  • MEDPC-9200 mPCIe and PCIe x1 modules offer greater flexibility for multiple expansion options
  • MEDPC-9300 including M.2 slot video capture card module supports recording and image transfer and PCIe x4 to enhance the IO diversity

Step 3 – Choose the cooling system for your application

  • The CPU TDP higher than 35W, the system as the Fan Type
  • The CPU TDP lower than 35W, the system as the Fanless Type

Find Out More

Micromax Health provide medical grade IT devices and solutions for the medical and healthcare industry.

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