The new mobile medical cart computer – Venus 193


Onyx healthcare is proud to announce the introduction of the Venus-193 from Onyx. Being the latest generation of our mobile cart computer, this series includes two 1 kV LAN ports and three 4 kV isolated COM ports that are compatible with many operating-room and vital sign systems, and protect these from dangerous electrical current loops.

Venus-193 medical cart computer

The all-new Venus-193 is powered by a 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 (Skylake) processor that provides 24/7 non-stop service. It features a dual hot-swappable battery system that conveniently allows users to replace the batteries without turning off the computer. The batteries are designed for a long running time but with short charge time, while the lightweight magnesium alloy rear cover provides great strength and heat dissipation. Universal mounting points on the back of the computer all it to be fitted to any medical cart.

The Venus-193’s full-featured design means that it provides a maximum amount of flexibility and control for even the most demanding medical computing applications. A 19″ Full HD high-contrast LCD with LED backlight has a large viewing angle that is easy to see in any medical environment. With the Hospital IT Management Software Package (ORION) control tool, the Venus-193 can be monitored and controlled from a centralised location and can have programmed reminders for staff. With the addition of an optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM), the system has even greater privacy and security against attack.
It is these unique features and functionality of Onyx’s new Venus-193 that make it an ideal turnkey solution for telemedicine applications.

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