Onyx Healthcare USA Win Prestigious ‘MedTech Breakthrough’ Award [Report]


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Micromax Health’s supplier, Onyx Healthcare, is often gaining attention for their technological advances in the medical field.  Now, Onyx is proud to announce the recognition of their achievements by gaining an additional highly-esteemed award, “Best Clinical Administration Hardware Device”, presented by the MedTech Breakthrough Awards program for Onyx Healthcare’s VENUS Battery Powered Mobile IoT Nursing Workstation.

“Onyx displayed a high degree of technology innovation and design ingenuity with their VENUS Battery Powered Mobile IoT Nursing Station and we congratulate the Onyx Healthcare USA team on their award,” said James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough. “With over 200 health care facilities already using the mobile IoT nursing workstation, Onyx’s workstation is not just a display of technology ingenuity, but a proven telehealth and clinical administration solution that has a track record of successful implementation.”

The VENUS Battery Powered Mobile IoT Nursing Workstation was selected based on the technology innovation displayed in providing powerful all-in-one mobile telehealth workstation that allows for extensive telehealth and clinical administration applications. From secure access to Electronic Health Records (EHR) care providers can check patient charts, make notes on patient progress, and communicate directly with nurses and patients from a remote location via the integrated webcam, while also securely managing patient information.

What is ‘MedTech Breakthrough’?

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honouring excellence in medical and health related technology companies, products and people. The MedTech Breakthrough Awards provide a platform for public recognition around the achievements of breakthrough MedTech companies and products in categories including Patient Engagement, mHealth, Health & Fitness, Clinical Administration, Healthcare IoT, Genomics, Medical Data, Healthcare Cybersecurity and more. For more information visit MedTechBreakthrough.com.

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