Smart-Ward Connectivity

M1 provides comprehensive connectivity for easy-to-use devices employed by care recipients, nurses, caregivers, and clinicians to deliver accurate medical information that enables hospitals to manage patient care more effectively. It can be utilised as a stand-alone ward communication solution, as well as integrate with Onyx and other medical computer peripherals, such as the Onyx Venus mobile medical computer.

Smart Integration

M1 intelligently assists with daily nursing routines by extending the reach of existing clinical systems within hospital environments.

Boost Efficiency

Through the effective integration of software, hardware, and a comprehensive knowledge of the medical industry, M1 can boost efficiency and optimise operational workflow so nurses can spend more productive time with their patients.

Record Vital Signs

Melten Engine is capable of simultaneously linking old and new medical facilities, automatically uploading biological data and providing instant warnings via smart decision-making functions designed to create a more valuable application for integrating medical information.

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SoftwareSoftware for analysing patient-care

By collaborating with Melten Integrated Nursing Informatics, alert messages can be sent directly to caregivers through nurse calls, wireless devices, and paging technologies, to provide real-time information necessary to drive patient satisfaction.

Clinical Connectivity

Melten Nurse Call System provides caregivers immediate access to patient-care information, whether at the bedside or elsewhere. This ultimately helps to reduce environmental noise and provides more time for direct patient interaction by streamlining communications and facilitating healthcare integration.

M1 connect your perihperals

Connect Peripherals

M1 brings connectivity to a wide range of communication tools, creating a smarter, more efficient ward.

  • Nurse Call Panel
  • Bath Call Station
  • Dome Light
  • Station IP Phone
  • Signage
  • Smart Phones

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Multi-channel communication
Time-sensitive information delivery to mobile caregivers and connected environments
Complete call history and communication logs
Supported networks: Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee and others
Call and information analytics to improve clinical workflow

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