Screen One Temperature Screening

The Screen One individual thermal screening solution is used to quickly alert staff to any visitors that are showing elevated temperature readings. It can easily be set-up upon entry to a premises or a specific room. This one device can reduce the need for staff to monitor people manually.

Using highly accurate thermal cameras the Screen One gives clinics and medical facilities the ability to provide contactless, efficient temperature screening to all visitors. The Screen One can also measure temperatures on masked and unmasked visitors.

Setup is quick and easy with stand-alone terminals and an intuitive interface.

Users also have the ability to support area controls like security door systems using the Screen One. This makes use of the fast and accurate facial recognition capability to provide additional security for private clinics, warehouses and storerooms.


Easy & simple setup, works right out of the box!
Keep staff and visitors safe with touch-free and accurate temperature measurement
Operate with minimal demand on staff
Helps you comply with Covid-19 guidelines and SafeWork principles
Maintain peace of mind and patient trust
Reduce costs of using staff to perform safety orientated tasks with a cost effective solution

Screen One Temperature Screening

Screen One Stand-alone Setup

Ideal Applications

  • Any public access area
  • Primary, secondary, health and aged care facilities
  • Education facilities
  • Industrial and commercial workplace areas




Doctors Practice/Physician Clinic
Hospital Entrances
Medical Examination Rooms


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