Micromax and TIKS work together to deliver visitor management solutions


Empowering organisations with intelligent and customized solutions that enhance safety, compliance and productivity, TIKS is now celebrating 10 years in business.

Their Intelligent Compliance and Visitor Management Solutions are used globally and by a range of industries seeking technology to help them save time and money and become more efficient as they undertake a digital transformation.


Micromax can provide TIKS visitor management and compliance software and deliver the solution from start to finish, integrating TIKS software with the right hardware for the end users needs.

Their fit-for-purpose solutions enable you to manage staff, contractors and visitors from end-to-end to to ensure safety and regulatory standards are met and access on location is and controlled and viewable in real-time.

Micromax provides custom and branded solutions with Australian (and in-house) assembly and support.

The systems can include additional capabilities and reporting as required and we can work with you to solve unique challenges.

Why customization matters
Providing businesses with the right solution doesn’t stop with the right technology, every stakeholder touchpoint can become a branding opportunity and we can provide branded kiosks and digital displays as part of the solution.

Using the right solution and finding specific capabilities for your sites requirements can turn visitor management systems from a box checking activity to a milestone in the digital transformation plan for your business.

Learn more about the visitor management solutions we can deliver.

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